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We at Brm Expeditions understand that many of you will like to have more personal freedom to choose the perfect trip for yourself. Maybe you have already decided on your dates, or want to visit all your favorite places in your trip, or maybe you just have a large group, in such case you will want to opt for our custom trips. We’ve been designing unforgettable motorcycling tours and Expeditions since 2010. We started off with traveling to places around Manali  and Ladakh and now we offer tours across India and recently started Tours in Nepal and Bhutan which has been huge Success.

With Custom Tours you have the freedom to combine all your favourite attractions, make your own itinerary, set your own travel dates and decide on your level of comfort and service.We do our best to combine all your preferences and design a trip for you, ensuring that your needs are handled to your optimum satisfaction.

We are happy to book any of our motorcycle tours as a private/custom tour. In most cases we require a minimum of 7 bikes, or 10 participants (riders and pillions ) to convert a scheduled departure tour to a private tour. If your group is smaller a surcharge may be applicable.
We can also customize any of our regular tours for a private group.

Over the years, we’ve conducted many custom tours tailored to individual group requirements and we are proud to say that we have exceeded expectations in all.

Please Fill in the form below or email us and let us help you in creating a wonderful tour, personalized just for you .

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